Mobile Finance
as it Should Be

Toss's mission is to resolve the inconveniences in Korean finance.
We design services that are simple, logical and intuitive to use, without compromising security.

Welcome to Toss.

Redesigning the financial
services experience

Viva Republica has been pioneering the fintech industry in
South Korea. In 2015, we launched a P2P money transfer service
that revolutionized the way people transfer money and created
the P2P money transfer market. Since then, we have expanded
into a full financial platform for individuals.
  • 2013
    Founded Viva Republica
  • 2015
    Launched Toss P2P money transfer
  • 2016
    Google Play Store “App of the Year”
  • 2017
    Investment from global investors,
    including Paypal
  • Ranked 35th in KPMG’s Fintech 100
  • 2018
    Over 8 million registered users
  • Annual transaction run rate
    of USD $17 billion
  • #1 in security of 25 banking apps in Korea
    #1 in P2P money transfers
    0 security breaches since launch

Toss is transforming
mobile finance in Korea

Meet all your financial needs at Toss

P2P Money Transfers
The easiest and most convenient P2P money
transfer experience, at your fingertips.

Branded E-Payments
The simplest way to pay, by computer or mobile.

Financial Dashboard
A complete overview of all your
bank accounts, in a single dashboard.

Credit Score Management
Check your credit score for free, and access
our free guide to improve your credit score

Savings Account
Convert your Toss wallet into
an interest-earning savings account.

Funds and Real Estate Investment
Invest in mutual funds or micro-invest in real estate, with as little as $1
SG Lee, CEO & Co-founder
Ex-President of the Korean FinTech Association


“Korea’s online banking system is too complicated
and inefficient. We created Toss to solve this
problem by combining every financial service
in a single app, focusing on making the customer
experience as easy and frictionless as possible.”

Our Team

Our team of over 150 people are some of the best in our respective fields. Putting seamless user experience as our top priority, we work under the core values of trust, freedom and responsibility.